Pastor Adeboye's Testimonies and Stories

Like me sure all of you can tell chances are, I'm a big believer in sharing with you stories and testimonies of God supernaturally showing Himself at all, shape or form. I believe that these God-stories are incredibly powerful and they all allow us to to carry on to construct our faith in the effectiveness of God and the fact that He does want to become very active within our lives if we are available to allowing Him ahead in.

I'm certain most, if not completely individuals, have experienced some type of supernatural activity with God where He has shown Himself to you in some specific way - whether it is to help enable you to get out of jam or answer a prayer for any specific need - whether it is on your own or someone else you had been praying for.

Things i have personally found through actual experience is the fact that God really does wish to become very active in your life there can be a few times He will show Himself to you personally in certain kind of supernatural way.

However, I've also found out that a lot of Christians are actually frightened of just about any supernatural activity from God. They might would rather keep God far away. It's think about realize that God the dad is in heaven and can hear our prayers and control things at a "distance."

It's quite another thing however to possess God get in your area with a few kind of supernatural activity - whether it is an idea, an aspiration, some type of manifestation, a visitation, a healing, a deliverance of some kind, a prophecy, etc.

As we discussed from reading a few of my articles - myself and a lot of of my friends have had some incredible supernatural activity from God in reference to some deliverance situations where God really did arrive in a supernatural method to deliver someone away from a dire situation.

What I discovered the difficult way is that a few of this heavier stuff does freak people out when they themselves never have had much supernatural activity from God.

To the people of you who wish to go into deeper waters with God and aren't afraid of Him, I really believe you will find these stories being uplifting and encouraging. Discussion about God helping somebody else outside in some type of supernatural way - it increases your belief even more because you will arrive at in conclusion that if God can move supernaturally to help someone else out - then He can also carry out the same for you considering that the Bible tells us that God isn't any respecter of persons.

The Bible says your trust is made up by "hearing" the term of God. Discussion these kind of dramatic stories and testimonies, you're actually "hearing" about them - which in turn will help develop your own private faith levels with God.

However, the Bible also tells us to not give what is holy for the dogs - otherwise they will just tear to pieces with criticism and condemnation that which you have just fed for them and they'll then turnaround and tear you personally to pieces. These types of God-stories are holy and I have personally learned the hard approach to be mindful who I share all of them with.

Now below are a few powerful Scripture verses copying my argument that God really does want us sharing these types of stories with others that are ready to accept receiving them.

The Scripture Verses

1. This primary verse informs us that God has made His wondrous activly works to be remembered! As well as the the easy way attempt to remember anything is always to actually record them because they happen. I know keep a "God Journal" logging every type of meaningful activity I buy from God.

I can't record every little thing that may happen with Him, however will record the medium to heavier items that is likely to make for any good story or a good teaching tool to help others in the walks with all the Lord.

There is no way the majority of us remember everything God can do along with you once He begins to become very active in your own life. By logging these events down in certain type of journal - you should have something can give others to aid build up their faith after they initially get saved.

This journal will also help you get through any storms that may can be found in your daily life. By going back and remembering everything God has been doing for you in the past will help get you through whatever your present predicament might be. If God helped or delivered you out of something 36 months ago - the real key may help or deliver get you started of whatever present storm cloud you will probably find yourself in now.

The Bible says that God does not change. If He helped you inside your past - he then continue to help and preserve you inside your present along with your future. By going back to see what He has for you within your past can help keep your faith and confidence levels operating at a higher level with Him. Your entire past activities with God provides as good "faith boosters" if you want them for any present storm cloud.

This is actually the verse. It is just a one liner, however i feel a really powerful statement will be made.

2. The following verse talks about God building a comment that His individuals were not "mindful" with the wonders that He had done one of them.

Being mindful means you actually cherish, take into consideration, meditate on, record, share with others what God might have completed with you through any kind of "wonderful work."

Among the secrets to getting God being more supernaturally involved with life is to become "mindful" and really cherish and be thankful while he does take action rather dramatic to suit your needs. In my own God journal - I not only record what Performing to me - but I also record what He is doing for many of my other friends who I will be sharing my God-walk with.

This way, I not only study on what He is doing personally with me at night - but I'm also learning other items about God from what He's doing with my other friends.

3. This next verse gets to the center with this matter. It specifically talks about talking about the glory of God and to speak about and to show to other people about some of His mighty acts.

4. The following verse also drives home the point about creating known God's "deeds" to others and to talk about all of His wondrous works.

5. The following is another powerful verse telling us to share with you the might of His awesome acts and to "declare" His greatness.

6. The following verse informs us that people should not be afraid or embarrassed to talk about God even to "kings" as we must.

7. Though the above verses inform us to not be afraid to discuss God along with what He could did personally for you - this next verse also gives us a solemn warning because we are to become careful with who we share these types of stories with.

The following verse specifically informs us to not give what exactly is holy for the "dogs." This verse tells us a couple of things can happen when we do. First, they'll just "trample under their feet" that which you have just shared or given to them. Second, they will then turn around and tear you personally to pieces for sharing this using them.

In my opinion the term "dogs" are talking about unbelievers that aren't open in any way, shape or form from hearing anything about God in their present situation.

They are full of doubt, ridicule and possess very judgmental and demanding spirits. I have also found this to really be true with quite a few Christians. Many Christians actually don't are in a real full surrender with God or have established any kind of real personal relationship with Him. As a result, they end up with little, if any real supernatural activity with Him. They thus will have a hard time believing you whenever you attempt to let them know one of your God stories. Believe that that since none of this type of activity ever comes their way - that there is absolutely no way that you will be actually receiving this sort of supernatural activity from God.

My advice for you is always to don't use anything but your good natural good sense and depend on your leadings in the Holy Spirit as to who to talk about these kind of God stories and testimonies with and who never to. Most of the time, you should have an "inner knowing" from your Holy Spirit regarding who to share these stories with and who never to share them with.

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